World Refugee Sunday Great Bakesale!

Thank you for giving us your time to read about our World Refugee Sunday Great Bake Sale!

If you have been impacted by the current financial crisis, please know that our prayers are with you and your loved ones during this difficult time.

While we would love to have you participate in our World Refugee Sunday fundraising event, we understand if you are not in a position to do so at this time. 

Your support is greatly appreciated and has enabled us to assist in the relief, relocation, and resettlement of 1,688 individuals in 2023. We hope that you understand our gratitude for your support as it has allowed us to touch the lives of others.

We kindly request your participation in organising a BAKE SALE event in 2024, in solidarity with forcibly displaced individuals as we commemorate World Refugee Sunday on the 16th & 23rd of June.

This initiative seeks to raise awareness, encourage prayers, and gather support to address the pressing issue of global hunger among displaced communities worldwide.

Asha’s* Story-

“There is no worse experience than being a father who cannot provide for his family.”

Asha has recently located to Australia from Africa, forced out of his country due to impending threat to him and his family. From that moment on, they became food insecure. Displacement created many struggles. He lost his dignity, was refused the ability to belong in a community, and unfortunately suffered extreme hunger for most of his life.

In an interview, he stated that his family had no way to trust there would be enough food on the table the following day for many years:

“Not only does hunger have a negative impact on the well-being of any human being, but it affects the whole cycle of life. It brings with it psychological torture, health issues and paralyzes the harmony of the family.”

The experience of constant hunger strongly shaped Asha’s perspective on life and the world around him. He stated: “All the inequalities, exploitation and abuse of human rights in most cases has come from greed, a desire to accumulate all the resources and not share them equitably.”

No one should ever have to know the burden of an empty plate and lack of hope to gain access to food.

We ask you to join us along with Asha as we fight against world hunger and the current global food crisis.

To register your participation in the WRS Bake Sale, register via the link below.

You’ll be joining us in the fight against world hunger that has greatly impacted the displaced population globally.

“Globally, one in ten people go to bed Hungry each night.”
2024 Hunger Funding Gap Report

“Nearly three-quarters of a billion people are unable to exercise their right to adequate food.”
2023 Global Hunger Index