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Turkiye-Syria earthquake

Turkey and Syria’s recent earthquakes have been recorded as one of the deadliest seismic events in ten years. The death toll has now climbed past 20,000, as more than 100 aftershocks continue to roll throughout the province of Gaziantep and affecting cities more than 100 kms away from its epicentre. 8,000 people have been pulled from the rubble since the first earthquake tremor, however chances of survival are now decreasing due to the aftershocks.

Nearly 2000 have been killed in Syria who was residing on/near the border, despite the majority living in tents. Gaziantep is home to over 500,000 Syrian refugees. In some places, the temperature is below 0. It is estimated in the 10 Turkish provinces affected by the quake, more than 1.7 million of the 15 million inhabitants are Syrian refugees.

Our partners on the ground advised the impact of earthquakes on refugees will not be adequately reflected in the media reports. They are left behind and will likely not benefit from international assistance. Further, it will be challenging to take aid across the Syrian border to support the internally displaced people on the Syrian side. They will fall in between the cracks.